Police are looking to speak to anyone who may have witnessed a crash near North Gower yesterday.


Around 7:30am a school bus and a flatbed crane collided at the intersection of Roger Stevens Drive and NcCordick Road.


The 70-year old bus driver was airlifted to hospital with critical head and chest injuries.


The driver of the flatbed crane was taken to Kemptville hospital as a precaution.


A 17 year old student on the bus was checked by paramedics at the scene and released to her parents.


If were in the area at the time and may have seen the collision you are asked to contact police.




A suspect in two jewelry store robberies from October 2016 has surrendered to police and will appear in court today


Police announced Monday an arrest warrant was out for 19-year old D’Andre Darrington who was wanted on charges of robbery, wearing a disguise and conspiracy.


He turned himself in to police yesterday.


The charges stem from two robberies in late October of 2016: one at a store in Hazeldean Mall, and another at a store in Barrhaven.


In both cases, the thieves smashed display cases, grabbed the contents, and fled to a waiting vehicle.


Police are seeking to identify other suspects.




Officials in BC say stronger winds forecasted for the weekend will likely worsen wildfire conditions in the province, where hundreds of blazes continue to burn.


More than 16-thousand people have been forced from their homes, and the Cariboo Fire Centre has been closed as a safety precaution.


Since April 1st, wildfires in BC have destroyed more than 11-hundred square kilometres of land.




Canada’s transportation safety board has released a summary of an incident involving an Air Canada flight last week, where the plane narrowly avoided landing on a taxiway at San Francisco International Airport instead of an adjacent runway.


Aviation officials say on July 7th, Air Canada flight 759 came within 30 metres of two of four planes awaiting take off, and had travelled almost half a kilometre over the taxiway before aborting the landing.


US authorities are still investigating.




Canada’s next governor general speaks six languages, has been to space twice and will be the fourth woman to hold the post when she is sworn in later this year.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally announced Julie Payette’s appointment to be the Queen’s representative in Canada on Thursday.


Both Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and NDP leader Tom Mulcair welcomed the decision.


While there had been hope of an indigenous governor general, Assembly of First Nations national chief Perry Bellegarde says Payette’s resume indicates she will serve Canada well




Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will lead a delegation of federal and provincial representatives meeting with dozens of American governors in Providence, Rhode Island, today.


Trudeau will deliver a keynote address, participate in a public panel, hold separate meetings with five state governors, and have a formal one-on-one session with Vice-President Mike Pence at the annual U-S governors meeting.


Officials say Canada’s long-term goal of today’s meeting is to create useful relationships ahead of the upcoming NAFTA renegotiations.




Former prime minister Stephen Harper has reportedly contacted both the widow of an American soldier killed by a grenade allegedly thrown by Omar Khadr and another soldier injured in the blast to express his outrage at the government’s multi-million dollar settlement with Khadr.


The Toronto Sun reports Harper called Delta Force soldier Layne Morris — who was blinded in one eye — and is believed to have made a similar call to the wife of U-S Sergeant Chris Speer.


On Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he understands why many Canadians object to the reports of the 10.5-million dollar settlement with the former Guantanamo Bay inmate, who had sued the government for 20-million dollars breaching his Charter rights while he was in U-S custody.


But Trudeau says if Ottawa had continued the legal battle, it would have cost as much as 40-million dollars to put an end to the case.

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