Ottawa police say a proactive investigation of the file-sharing network P2P has led to the arrest of a 54-year-old man on child pornography charges.


Police say a member of the Internet Child Exploitation Unit identified an IP address located in the Ottawa area sharing files of prepubescent children being sexually abused.


They say a search warrant executed yesterday turned up digital devices that contained several images and videos of child pornography.


Thomas Wysom of Ottawa is to appear in court today on charges of making and possessing child pornography.




The OPP is looking for help in finding a man wanted for breaching his parole.


Daniel Pilon is known to frequent the Ottawa – Gatineau area.


He is described as 52 years old 6′ 3″ 282 pounds.


He has full sleeve tattoos on both arms.


Pilon is on long term supervision after serving time in jail for forcible confinement, overcome resistance by choking, robbery and other offences.


Anyone who knows where he is can call the OPP or Crimestoppers.




A New Democrat MPP says the province is taking too long to ensure retirement homes in Ontario have automatic sprinkler systems.


The Liberals announced a new 20-million dollar program yesterday to help small, rural facilities afford the cost of installing the systems — which must be in place in all retirement homes by 2019 under updated fire code requirements.


Ontario was the first province to make sprinkler retrofits mandatory in licensed retirement homes when it announced the change in 2014 but 20 per cent still have not installed the systems.


NDP legislator Paul Miller says half a decade to comply with the news rules is just too long — and he’s also skeptical about how the fire code changes will be enforced in 2019




Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has wrapped up a visit to Washington by saying he believes renewing NAFTA is the best option for all three countries.


But he also admitted for the first time that his government is bracing for the worst.


Trudeau says the best outcome from ongoing NAFTA talks would be a “win-win-win” for Canada, the US and Mexico.


But he admits that “circumstances are often challenging,” and Canada must be ready for anything.




Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he’s been advising companies to prepare for a world without the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Harper stepped into the role of political analyst during a panel discussion in Washington yesterday.


He said it’s unlikely that a few tweaks to NAFTA will satisfy an unpredictable US President Donald Trump, who’s repeatedly blasted the trade deal.


Harper says powerful anti-trade forces that pre-date Trump’s presidency are at play in American society, and aren’t going away any time soon




Canada is joining forces with the U-K to push for a global crackdown on coal-fired electricity.


Eliminating or reducing the world’s reliance on coal is a critical aspect of the Paris climate accord.


Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is on a two-day trip to the U-K and Ireland this week, promoting Canada as a global leader on climate action.


She and her British counterpart have announced plans to use their own national commitments to phase out coal power as a means to convince others to do the same.




Wildfires that are already on their way to becoming the deadliest in California’s history show no signs of slowing down.


Steady winds and near-zero humidity are expected to descend on areas north of San Francisco, where fires have already killed at least 23 people.


Whole cities, including the wine-country resort of Calistoga, have turned to ghost towns after being evacuated.


At least 35-hundred homes and businesses have been destroyed.




Questions linger about the police response to the Las Vegas massacre, after a revised chronology was provided by investigators.


Police say two hotel employees called for help several minutes before Stephen Paddock opened fire on concert-goers, killing 58 people and injuring nearly 500.


The workers reported that Paddock had sprayed a hallway with bullets and struck an unarmed security guard in the leg.


It’s not clear what happened in the six minutes between that incident and when Paddock unleashed a deadly hail of gunfire on the crowd at a country music festival.




The head of Spain’s Catalonia region has reacted to Madrid’s demand that he back away from independence plans or face the suspension of regional powers.


Catalan president Carles Puigdemont (CAR’-less POOJ’-de-mohn) tweeted that his government asked for dialogue, and Spain responded with further threats.


He added — quote — “Message understood.”


Spain’s conservative government has threatened to use unprecedented constitutional powers if Catalonia’s independence bid is not dropped.




While you were sleeping, Earth had a — relatively — close encounter with a small asteroid.


The space rock was on track to pass within about 44-thousand kilometres of Antarctica overnight.


NASA scientist Michael Kelley says that’s “pretty close” as these things go.


There was never any chance the asteroid would hit the planet — but future ones might.


That’s why NASA planned to use the flyby to run a sort of cosmic fire drill.

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