Ottawa police have posted a security photo on their website of a person of interest in a fraud investigation.


Investigators say a woman approached a man downtown on March 31st and convinced him to make a donation to an unknown charity.


It’s alleged the man was taken to a nearby ATM and that once he entered his PIN number, the woman pushed him aside and took cash from his account.


Police say they believe the man was targeted due to his cognitive disability.




The NDP is accusing the Liberal government of trying to bury a report by Ontario’s auto insurance adviser.


The report by David Marshall says Ontario has the most expensive auto insurance premiums in the country, despite having one of the lowest levels of accidents and fatalities.


Deputy NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says the government has reduced benefits over the past several years, such as lowering coverage for catastrophic injuries from a maximum of two million dollars to one million dollars.


A spokesman for the Insurance Bureau of Canada says it is reviewing the report.




Ontario finance minister Charles Sousa is signalling he will unveil a housing plan before the next provincial budget, set to be delivered April 27th.


Sousa is coming off Tuesday’s meeting with his federal counterpart Bill Morneau and Toronto mayor John Tory on how to go about stabilizing Toronto’s red-hot housing market.


Sousa has also spoken frequently about going after speculators — those who buy a home in the hope of turning a profit rather than to live in.




Canada’s envoy to Washington says the facts don’t support President Donald Trump’s charge that the Canadian dairy industry is to blame for the woes of some American farmers.


Ambassador David MacNaughton says Canada has done nothing to block US imports.


He says the American predicament is the result of an over-saturated market that has led to lower prices.


The Dairy Farmers of Canada says it is confident the federal government will continue to defend the dairy industry.

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