If you’re a seafood lover, you may not be getting what you’re paying for.  Tests on fish in restaurants, grocery stores and sushi vendors in Ottawa shows rampant fraud, where almost half of the samples tested were mislabelled.

Restaurants were the worst offenders — two thirds of sushi samples and more than half of non-sushi restaurant samples were mislabelled.

Escolar — known as “the laxative of the sea” — can cause acute gastrointestinal symptoms and was found as a common substitute for both white tuna and butterfish.

Oceana didn’t name the stores and restaurants tested, but says they were chosen by their popularity and proximity to Parliament Hill.


The Ontario government says public consultations are helping to explore ways to modernize the province’s antiquated court system.

Possible steps being considered include having jury questionnaires done online and receiving jury summonses by email or text.

Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi says a step-by-step approach is being taken to move the courts into the modern age.

Plans for the spring include a pilot project that would give the judge, lawyers and parties in a case access to all of the documents in one place online.


The O-P-P says two Quebec men pulled over for stunt driving on Highway 401 called 9-1-1 when told their vehicles would be towed and impounded.

It’s alleged the men were clocked at 54 kilometres over the speed limit on Sunday, as they drove side-by-side about 35 kilometres east of Kingston.

Police say the men — aged 20 and 44 — challenged the officers’ authority to tow their vehicles for stunt driving, and even tried calling 9-1-1 from the side of the road.

Under provincial legislation, police in Ontario have the authority to impound a vehicle for seven days for stunt driving.


The group in charge of the Canada 150 Rink on Parliament Hill is doing a 180 on its “no-cellphones” rule for skaters.

A list of rules announced last week included a ban on cellphones and other electronics on the ice, prompting some online commenters to complain that “selfies” were being outlawed.

However the list of rules on the rink’s website has since been changed and the no-cellphone rule was dropped.

A rule banning hockey sticks and pucks — another source of contention — has been amended to add that they are only banned during public skating sessions.


The newest justice on the Supreme Court of Canada will be 60-year-old Sheilah Martin.

In announcing his pick to replace retiring Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office called Martin an “an extraordinary jurist” with a wealth of experience and praised her strong focus on education and equality rights.

The Montrealer served on the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary until June 2016 when she was appointed to the Courts of Appeal of Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Martin was married to lawyer Hersh Wolch, known for his tireless advocacy for wrongfully convicted Canadians, including David Milgaard, and died of a heart attack in July.


The Opposition isn’t backing down on its push for federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau to quit, or be fired.

One of the top figures in Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet came under fire again during Question Period over his sale of shares in Morneau’s family company a week ahead of a tax-change announcement in late 2015.

Trudeau came to Morneau’s defence, reiterating his full confidence in him amid new conflict-of-interest allegations.

The P-M then accused the Conservatives of engaging in baseless personal attacks they won’t repeat outside the Commons for fear of being sued for libel


A sentencing hearing will begin today in New Brunswick concerning the R-C-M-P’s conviction on labour charges related to the 2014 shooting rampage on the streets of Moncton that left three officers dead and two injured.

The national police force was convicted of failing to properly equip and train its members for such an intense manhunt.

Judge Leslie Jackson said Mounties were caught outgunned and ill-prepared in their confrontation with Justin Bourque, and criticized how long it took the force to equip officers with carbine rifles before the Moncton attack.


Diplomats at Wednesday’s emergency meeting of the U-N Security Council urged restraint as North Korea this week continued its nuclear and long-range missile tests.

Russia’s ambassador called on North Korea to stop its tests and for the U-S and South Korea to cancel large-scale military manoeuvres scheduled for December.


U-S and Chinese generals have engaged in an unusual set of security talks, just hours after North Korea’s most powerful long-range missile test yet.

They discussed how the mighty American and Chinese militaries might communicate in a crisis.

The unpublicized meeting at the National Defense University in Washington took place amid signs China is more willing to discuss how the two world powers would manage an even worse crisis on the divided Korean Peninsula.


US President Donald Trump has tweeted that British Prime Minister Theresa May should focus not on him, but “on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom.”

Trump’s comment came amid criticism, including from May’s office, of his decision Wednesday to retweet a string of inflammatory videos from a fringe British political group purporting to show violence being committed by Muslims.

His spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump was simply promoting border security and suggested that verifying the content was not a high priority.

Trump made anti-Muslim comments a hallmark of his presidential campaign.


Matt Lauer’s firing as host of N-B-C’s “Today” makes him the biggest media figure brought down by sexual-misconduct allegations since Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes lost their lofty positions at Fox in the past year and a half.

His dismissal for what N-B-C called “inappropriate sexual behaviour” with a colleague was quickly followed by a published report accusing him of crude and habitual misconduct with several other women around the office.

And N-B-C Nightly News reports N-B-C received two new complaints against Lauer on Wednesday.


Pope Francis has arrived in Bangladesh for the second half of his six-day trip to Asia.

Huge banners with pictures of the pope and Bangladesh’s prime minister have been put up around the city in preparation for his visit to the Muslim majority nation.

Francis arrived from Myanmar, where he refrained from speaking out about the Rohingya Muslim crisis out of diplomatic deference to his hosts, who consider the Rohingya as having illegally migrated from Bangladesh

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