Leaders of the three main parties will focus on the Greater Toronto Area today as the Ontario election campaign rolls along.

N-D-P Leader Andrea Horwath will visit a Toronto childcare centre, then a restaurant.

Tory Leader Doug Ford will be in Oakville, then in nearby Mississauga where he plans to tour Fielding Environmental before attending an evening rally.

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne will be at V-P-C Group in Toronto, then in Mississauga for a visit to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries before heading to Kanata.


The O-P-P says a woman who was wanted following an Amber Alert earlier this week is due to appear in court on June 1st.

The alert was issued Monday after an eight-year-old boy was allegedly taken from a northern Ontario community.

It was cancelled after the boy was found safe at a Tim Hortons in Thunder Bay.

Police say a 47-year-old Thunder Bay woman has been arrested and faces a number of charges, including abduction in contravention of a court order.


A newly published study looks at initial opioid prescriptions for more than 650-thousand Ontarians.

The study by researchers at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and St. Michael’s Hospital found dental pain accounted for nearly one in four new opioid prescriptions, but they were generally lose dose and short duration.

One in six were for post-surgical pain, with more than 40 per cent of those patients being prescribed more than the equivalent of 50 milligrams of morphine daily.

Lead author Tara Gomes says Ontarians taking an opioid for the first time for knee, hip and shoulder surgeries and for Caesarean sections received among the highest doses.

She says there should be alternative pain management options.


A Canadian doctor says he is recovering after being shot while helping tend to wounded protesters in Gaza on Monday.

Tarek Loubani is an emergency physician at the London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario and at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, and is also a member of a team testing 3D-printed tourniquets in Gaza.

Loubani says in a blog post that most paramedics in his team wore fluorescent high visibility jackets and he was wearing a hospital green top and bottom so he could be identified as medical staff.

He says several members of the medical team were wounded and he suffered a moderate injury to his left leg and a minor one to his right leg.

Loubani says he was taken to hospital, stabilized and discharged after X-rays showed no bone injury.

Israeli soldiers shot and killed 59 Palestinians and wounded hundreds during the mass protests on the Gaza border on Monday.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will throw out a pitch for free trade in the classic venue of Yankee Stadium this morning, where he will kick off a three-day U-S trip with a commencement speech for New York University.

His visit to the Big Apple comes as a U-S-set target date to complete negotiations for a modernized North American Free Trade Agreement looms later this week.

This will be the second time this year an audience of American students will hear from Trudeau directly on why the Canada-U-S trade relationship is so critical — and why NAFTA needs to be salvaged.

It was in February that he told students at the University of Chicago that President Trump’s repeated threat to rip up NAFTA would hurt millions of Americans.


Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau will provide an update today on the status of his talks with Kinder Morgan to get the stalled Trans Mountain pipeline expansion moving.

Morneau isn’t expected to announce any funding deal, but will instead lay out the strokes of how Ottawa sees a deal coming together.

Amid mounting opposition from the B-C government, environmental and First Nations groups, and skittish investors, Kinder Morgan has suspended all non-essential spending on its 7.4-billion-dollar plan to triple the capacity of an existing bitumen pipeline between Edmonton and Burnaby, B-C unless Ottawa can broker some calm by month’s end.


North Korea’s decision to break off a high-level meeting today with South Korea and threats to nix next month’s historic summit with U-S President Donald Trump over allied military drills is getting analyzed around the world.

Some negotiating experts see it as a move by Kim Jong Un to gain leverage and establish that he’s entering the crucial nuclear negotiations from a position of strength.

Washington and Seoul say crippling international sanctions forced Kim into talks after a flurry of weapons tests.

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