Several speciality units including Lanark OPP, snow and all-terrain vehicles were called to Mississippi Lake to deal with two separate incidents.


Police were called to reports of a passenger vehicle through the ice hear Craig Shore.


An ATV was found partially submerged with it’s lights still on.


While the search was on for the rider of that machine police found a Volkswagen through the ice as well.


That vehicle was actually the subject of the initial call.


One man escaped from that vehicle and was taken to hospital for treatment of hypothermia.


A second person from the Volkswagen is missing and presumed dead.




The ice rescue and rope rescue teams were called to the Rideau River Sunday morning.


A person was found lying on the ice near the Cummings Bridge.


The rope rescue was used to bring the person back up to street level from about three metres down.


The person was conscious and taken to hospital in stable condition.




One person is dead after being struck by a Via rail train over the weekend.


The collision happened on Saturday night around 7 o’clock in the area of Merivale and MacFarlane Road in Nepean.


All 1 hundred and 56 passengers on that train were delayed by more than 3 hours while officials investigated.


Another train had to be cancelled because of the collision.


Via rail service from Tramblay Station has since resumed.




A new study says middle-aged Canadians who’ve had a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest are less likely to be working three years later — and those who can keep working often experience a significant drop in income.


Researchers evaluated the long-term effects of cardiovascular events on people’s capacity to work and any changes in their annual earnings.


One-third of heart attacks, a quarter of strokes and 40 per cent of cardiac arrests occur in working-age people under 65 and can result in lingering physical and-or cognitive disabilities.




Ottawa born actor Sandra Oh took home the Golden Globe award for best actress in a drama series for her role  in the TV series “Killing Eve.”


Oh, who co-hosted the 76th annual golden globe awards, became emotional as she thanked her mother and father who were sitting in the audience.


She won her first globe in 2006 for “Grey’s Anatomy.”




Global Affairs Canada says that while it hasn’t received confirmation of an abduction, it’s no longer excluding the possibility a Quebec woman and a friend she’s travelling with in Burkina Faso have been kidnapped.


Sherbrooke native Edith Blais and her Italian friend Luca Tacchetto have been travelling in west Africa, but haven’t been heard from since December 15th.


Radio-Canada reports the federal government isn’t ruling out the possibility the pair have been abducted.


Meantime, Blais’ family has started a Facebook page related to the disappearance, and they say they are grateful for the help they’ve received so far.




President Donald Trump is showing no signs of budging on his demand for more than five-billion dollars for a wall along the U-S-Mexico border.


With the shutdown lurching into a third week, many Republicans are watching nervously from the sidelines as hundreds of thousands of federal workers continue to go without pay and government disruptions impact citizens.


U-S House Democrats are planning to step up pressure on Trump and Republican lawmakers to reopen the government.




Trade talks between China and Washington begin today.


A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman says envoys will have “positive and constructive discussions,” but neither side has indicated its stance on Beijing’s technology ambitions has changed since a December 1st agreement by presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping to postpone further tariff increases.


The talks are going ahead despite tensions over the arrest of a Chinese tech executive in Vancouver on U-S charges related to possible violations of trade sanctions against Iran.

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