We have an update on a missing women we’ve been telling you about.

56 year old Christine Cutler of Smiths Falls has been found by police in Kingston.

She was located yesterday, after going missing on March 15th.

Police say she was located safe.


Brockville police are asking for your help in locating two missing people.

First, 68 year old Karen Tedford was last seen near the Tim Hortons on Jefferson three days ago.

She’s described as white, 5 foot 2, weighing 1 hundred and 60 pounds, with shoulder length hair.

She was last seen wearing a mauve fleece sweater, beige coat and black leggings.


Brockville police are also looking for 37 year old Tim McCormick.

He was last seen in Brockville, but police have not said when.

He’s described at white, 5 foot 11, weighing 200 pounds, with hazel eyes…he usually has a shaved head.

Police say there have been several comments on social media, about his location but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Anyone with information about either person is being asked to call police or Crimestoppers.


The frustration of the morning commute boiled over onto the 417.

Police were called to the highway around 8:20 yesterday morning.  Two men were brawling after a fender bender

45 year old James MacRae from Renfrew has been charged with assault.

A second man was treated for minor injuries at the scene.


The Tory government will table its first budget today and Premier Doug Ford says the plan will lay out a path to balance.

But he hasn’t said just how long it will take to get rid of the 13.5 billion dollar deficit.

Various budget tidbits leaked in recent days include resdesigning licence plates and legalizing tailgate parties.

Sources have also said Ontario will be announcing free dental care for low-income seniors.


There will be two services for Dr. Wilbert Keon.

The man who started and ran the Ottawa heart institute for decades died this past Sunday at the age of 83.

The first service will be at St Patricks Basilica on Kent Street this morning at ten.

A second service will be held in the town of his birth, Sheenboro Quebec, tomorrow at 11:30.

To honour the heart surgeon, senator and officer in the Order of Canada donations may be made to the University of Ottawa heart institute.

Your online condolences may be made at Hayes Funeral Home dot ca.


A Commons committee says its top recommendation to the Trudeau government is to work with NATO to determine Russia’s military intentions in the North.

Based on nearly year-long study, the foreign-affairs committee is urging Ottawa to also work with the military alliance to seek help in protecting Canada’s Arctic sovereignty.

The report arrived in the Commons a day after Russia’s president outlined an ambitious plan to increase Russia’s Arctic presence, including expanding its cargo ship traffic and its fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers.


A Vancouver businessman and philanthropist accused of participating in the U-S college-admissions cheating scheme is denying the charges.

His team of three lawyers released a statement strongly contesting the legal and factual basis for the allegations against former C-F-L player David Sidoo a day after a new indictment from a federal court in Massachusetts revealed he faced a new charge in the case.

The conspiracy to commit money laundering charge is in addition to a one of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

The 59-year-old Sidoo is among dozens of parents, admissions officials and coaches who have been charged in the scandal.

Actress Felicity Huffman, 12 other parents and a coach agreed Monday to plead guilty.


No more braids or buns while on duty — Canadian military women with longer hair are being given the green light to wear ponytails.

The move, which also makes nylon stockings optional while wearing a skirt and permits flat shoes instead of pumps or oxfords, is the latest effort to modernize the Canadian Armed Forces after the recent easing of restrictions on beards, boots and off-duty marijuana use.

Chief Warrant Officer Alain Guimond says greater control over personal appearance is good for morale.

New guidance issued to military personnel this week says only one ponytail is allowed and it must be gathered in the centre back of the head — and it can’t go “below the top of the armpit.

As for men, sorry, you’re going to have to do your David Beckham impressions at home — no ponytails for you, even the short variety.


U-S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she called President Trump last week and requested a meeting to talk about working together on an infrastructure package.

Washington’s most powerful Democrat tells The Associated Press the two plan to meet, and Pelosi believes Trump “truly wants to have an infrastructure bill” and calls it an initiative they can share.

Trump and Pelosi are crossing the 100-day mark of divided government and a tenuous relationship.


Wednesday has come and gone without the U-S Treasury Department delivering President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the chairman of the House Ways and Means commitee.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (mih-NOO’-shin) says the department hasn’t decided whether to comply with Congressman Richard Neal’s week-old demand of the I-R-S for Trump’s returns.

Mnuchin said the Treasury will consult with the Justice department and “carefully” review the request.


After three years of both sides getting spooked in various ways over the Brexit plan, Britain and the European Union have agreed to extend the deadline to Halloween.

The new cutoff date averts a potentially calamitous Brexit that was scheduled for tomorrow.

In granting Britain six more months to find the best possible solution to its impasse over a divorce deal, European Council President Donald Tusk pleaded “Please, do not waste this time.”

May came to an emergency summit in Brussels seeking to postpone Britain’s departure from the E-U until June 30th.

But after the 27 remaining member nations met for a long dinner, they settled on October 31st, with the possibility of an earlier Brexit if Britain’s parliament ratifies a withdrawal agreement.



It was less than a month ago that a gunman killed 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

And already, the country’s governor general has formally signed into effect sweeping gun laws outlawing the assault-style rifles the shooter used in the attack.

New Zealand lawmakers yesterday passed the legislation banning the weapons after an accelerated process of debate.

An Australian national is charged with 50 counts of murder and 39 of attempted murder in the attack.

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