Flooding has forced people from their homes in the upper Ottawa valley… As the Ottawa River swells higher than a more than 50-year-old record.

In Ottawa the floodwater should start going down, soon.

Water levels are still on the rise at Britannia — where the river is expected to peak, today.

The forecast peaks in Hull and Thurso were expected to hit last night — near the same peak levels as earlier this month.

The flooding is wearing on residents, along the Ottawa River, in Ottawa and Gatineau as well as up the valley, where some people in Whitewater region township and in Mattawa have had to flee their homes.

In Pembroke, water levels are now higher than the all-time record… set in 1960.

Water levels could rise even further on that section of the Ottawa River, if upstream reservoirs have to release more water.

From Ottawa downstream, flood forecasters say river levels should start receding, slowly, after tomorrow.


A 43 year old man is dead after striking a stop sign while riding his motorcycle in western Quebec.

Police say Jean St-Pierre was on highway 148 near Grenville-Sur-La-Rouge when he lost control.

St-Pierre was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to Radio-Canada, St-Pierre was a longtime employee of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell and ran the organization’s it department from 2003 until 2016.

Police are continuing to investigate.


A section of Longfields Drive in Barrhaven is closed due to a crash.

Police say they were called to a single vehicle crash at 3:50 this morning – as a result police have closed Longfields from Golflinks Drive to Prince of Wales.

Police have not released any details on injuries but say they are investigating and they expect the road to be closed for several hours.

Plan to take an alternate route on your morning commute.


A man in his forties went into cardiac arrest while riding in a race on a motocross track west of the city.

Another biker following slammed into the victims bike.

An off-duty nurse ran to the mans aid and performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

The man was taken to hospital in critical condition.

The teenage rider suffered minor back and chest injuries in the collision.

He was also taken to hospital in stable condition.

That was the third time in a week bystanders had come to the aid of someone in distress before paramedics arrives.

That service sent out a thanks to the nurse and the bystanders in this case and the other two who helped.

The paramedics service says early CPR makes a significant difference in  survival of heart attack patients.


A wildfire in central B-C has shrunk a bit, but is still a menace.

An evacuation order and alerts were put in place Saturday near the community of Lejac, east of Fraser Lake, where officials say a wildfire is considered 70 per cent ”guarded,“ but zero per cent contained.

The wind-whipped blaze broke out Saturday morning and quickly grew from four hectares to 260 by evening.

However, last night the evacuation order and alerts were rescinded.

With no recent lightning, officials suspect the fire was started by human activity.

District chairman Gerry Thiessen is concerned about the longer fire season — noting when he was a kid, wildfires typically occurred in July and August, not May.


The N-D-P is expected to bring forward a climate-change motion in the House of Commons today, pledging to cut Canada’s emissions almost in half over the next decade.

Leader Jagmeet Singh says the motion forms the broad strokes of his climate-change action platform for the fall federal action.

The N-D-P would also eliminate federal aid for the fossil fuel industry, and slam the door on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.


Some opposition M-Ps are calling for an emergency meeting of the Commons defence committee on the now tossed criminal case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.

Three Conservatives and a New Democrat have written the committee’s clerk asking for the panel to examine the government’s handling of the investigation and prosecution — and they want to hear from Norman and the prime minister.

Norman was the military’s second-in-command before he was suspended in 2017 and charged last year with breach of trust over alleged leaks of secret government information.

But prosecutors stayed the charges last week, saying a conviction was unlikely.


Companies are waiting to see how China will carry through with its promised retaliation for U-S President Donald Trump’s latest tariff hikes on Chinese imports.

Officials in Beijing gave no indication what they might do in response to Trump’s harsher penalties imposed Friday on 200-billion dollars of Chinese goods.

Analysts have warned the escalating dispute could slow economic growth.

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