D-Day commemorations are under way this morning in the British port city of Portsmouth, where thousands of Allied troops embarked for the 1944 invasion of Europe.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his counterparts from Britain, the U-S and France are on hand to voice their gratitude to the troops who sacrificed so much for liberty and freedom.


Then, several dozen Canadian veterans of the Second World War will be returning to the stretch of French coastline known as Juno Beach to mark the 75th anniversary of the fateful Allied assault on Nazi-occupied France on June 6th, 1944.


The events culminate tomorrow with a Canadian-only and an international ceremony at Juno Beach.


Today’s leader of the former enemy country, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has also been invited to honour the invasion




A woman guilty of horrific crimes against at least three people, apologized for her behaviour during her dangerous offender hearing.


29 year old Laura Brahaney was convicted of kidnapping aggravated assault and other crimes in 2007.


Her victims included a 25 year old autistic man kidnapped, beaten and tortured.


When ransom demands were not met, he was driven into the woods, choked, and left to die.


He managed to crawl to a house for help.


In submissions outlined in the citizen the defence says Brahaney has made strides to rehabilitate in the past five years.


The crown says she is a danger, showing a clear pattern of shocking and extreme violence which she can’t control.


A decision is expected sometime later this year.



Local festivals may be impacted because of provincial budget cuts.


A number of annual events have been told they will not receive any grant money this year.


The province cut the festival budget from 20 million last year, to 13 million this year.


This year, the Tulip Festival was one of the events that didn’t receive provincial funding.


Other festivals facing cuts are Glowfest, Escapade, Italian Week and the Busker Festival.




A Calgary mother and father convicted in the 2013 death of their toddler son are to learn their sentences today.


A jury found Jennifer and Jeromie Clark guilty last fall of criminal negligence causing death and failure to provide the necessaries of life for their 14-month-old son John.


Court heard the child didn’t see a doctor until the day before he died from a staph infection.




Andrew Scheer is promising to repeal the federal carbon tax if elected prime minister this fall.


He says if his Conservatives win the October election, he would follow Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s lead in scrapping the tax.


Alberta’s Conservative-led legislature passed a bill repealing the tax Monday night and it was signed into law yesterday.


The federal government has warned it will now impose its own levy, as it has in four other provinces that haven’t put an adequate price on carbon emissions.


Scheer vowed to scrap the tax during his latest policy speech in Edmonton where he outlined his vision for “a freer federation” with no provincial trade barriers




A non-profit group funded by Health Canada has issued a report outlining a strategy for cancer care into the next decade, with a major focus of eliminating racism against indigenous patients.


The Canadian partnership against cancer’s CEO Cindy Morton says cultural awareness needs to be part of the curriculum.


The Canadian indigenous nurses association is developing a curriculum on cultural awareness.


Other important goals in the report focus on prevention, early diagnosis and better end-of-life care for everyone.




There is an imbalance in the production and recycling of plastics in this country.


An analysis of Canada’s plastic industry by Deloitte and ChemInfo Services finds Canadian companies produced 4.8-million tonnes of plastic to be made into manufactured goods in 2016, and 3.3-million tonnes of it ended up in the trash.


That’s 12 times the amount of plastic that was recycled.


The report also found the production side of the industry in 2017 counted 35-billion dollars in sales and 93-thousand jobs, while the recycling side had 350 -million dollars in revenue and about 500 jobs.




It’s Camp Day at Tim Hortons!


That means 100 per cent of proceeds from all coffee purchases will support the Tim Hortons Foundation camps.


The foundation helps send disadvantaged kids between the ages of 12 and 16 to camp, giving them the opportunity to learn leadership skills, resilience and responsibility.




The inaction of a Florida deputy at the scene of the 2018 Parkland high school shooting massacre has resulted in his arrest on 11 criminal charges.


Scot Peterson was the school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but surveillance video shows he never entered the building during the Valentine’s Day shooting that claimed 17 lives.


After a 14-month investigation, Peterson is now charged with child neglect, culpable negligence and perjury.




U-S President Donald Trump says Prince Charles bent his ear on climate change, and an expected 15-minute chat — quote — “turned out to be an hour-and-a-half.”


Trump told “Good Morning Britain” that the future king did most of the talking.


Trump says he told Charles that the U-S has among the cleanest climates in the world, seemingly equating pollution to climate change.




Facing possible crippling tariffs, many in Mexico support their president’s measured response to his American counterpart.


Even as Donald Trump bashes Mexico on Twitter, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has calmly called for continued friendship with Mexico’s northern neighbour and its president.


Trump is threatening to impose tariffs on all Mexican imports starting Monday unless Mexico moves to slow irregular U-S-bound migration from Central Americans through its territory.




Organizers of the pro-democracy protests in Sudan say the death toll across the country since the violent dispersal of their sit-in in Khartoum earlier this week has increased to 60.


The Sudan Doctors’ Committee says security forces killed at least 10 people today in the capital, Khartoum, and its twin city of Omdurman.


That came after another 10 people were killed yesterday.

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