The SIU is investigating a rollover on the Vanier Parkway that left two men seriously injured.

The special investigations unit was called in after police began investigating a vehicle at Cyrville and St Laurent around two yesterday afternoon.

Less than a half hour later, two people in the Silverado had to be cut from that vehicle after it rolled on the Vanier parkway.

The 24 year old driver and 23 year old passenger sustained serious injuries.

The parkway was closed for a time but has since re-opened.


A local man has been sentenced for what police termed a death by misadventure in Barrhaven.

John Wells says he deserved to go to jail for the death of Joshua Eardley.

According to the account in the Citizen, the two spent the afternoon of October 8th last year drinking and mudding, when they got their truck stuck.

The two were near a housing development in Barrhaven and decided to steal a forklift to get their truck out.

With Wells at the wheel and Eardley perched on one of the forklift tines, Eardly fell of and was run over.

Wells went door to door pleading for help for his friend, and told police exactly what happened.


An appeal was launched immediately after a guilty verdict for a driver sentenced for a crash that killed two teens and seriously wounded another.

Chris Galletta was at an end of school celebration two years ago at Jinkinson Quarry on Fernbank when he was involved in a confrontation.

He hopped in a car to escape with three other teens.

Speeds reached 183 before he lost control and crashed.

Michaela Martell and Maddie Clement died, Sommer Foley was seriously injured.

In the Citizen, Galletta’s lawyer says the moral blameworthiness of his client will be the focus of the appeal.


An expert panel, led by Ontario’s former health minister, says a national single-payer pharmacare plan would save Canadians money.

Eric Hoskins released his council’s findings, which spelled out how such a plan will result in savings of an estimated five-billion annually, an average of 350 dollars a year for each family.

He says Ottawa should use a phased approach when launching the plan.

Organizations including the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian labour congress issued statements to applaud the recommendations.


The House of Commons transportation committee says conflicting evidence from experts about seatbelts on school buses points to the need for further study.

The committee launched an investigation into bus safety, including on school buses, following last year’s deadly Humboldt Broncos crash in Saskatchewan that killed 16 people and injured 13.

It’s final report includes a number of recommendations to beef up safety requirements for passenger buses, including long-distance coaches and municipal transit buses.

The committee acknowledges that seat belts do prevent certain types of injuries, but says they are not the only solution.

Industry groups and bus driver unions have raised concerns about liabilities for ensuring children are belted in and the cost of retrofitting school buses.

But parents and concerned citizens across the country point to deadly crashes over the years where children have died or sustained serious injuries in school bus collisions.


Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has been publicly acknowledged by country’s top soldier during yesterday’s change-of-command ceremony in Halifax where the command of the Royal Canadian Navy was passed to Vice-Admiral Art McDonald.

Weeks after questions swirled around his future, Norman was mentioned at the beginning of remarks made by Defence-staff chief General Jonathan Vance.

Vance welcomed Norman saying “great to have you here mate,” adding “the family’s all together again, it feels good.”

Norman’s breach-of-trust trial in Ottawa was dropped last month, and he expressed a desire to return to duty after a two year suspension.


A-B-C News Anchor George Stephanopoulos says U-S President Donald Trump’s emotions are running high lately for a number of reasons.

Stephanopoulos spent 48-hours with the president, getting exclusive access to him in the Oval Office and while travelling on Air Force One.

He says it’s clear Trump is an angry man right now about media coverage of him, and opinion polls that show him behind Joe Biden and other Democrats.

Trump calls the polls fake, and says he gets so bothered by them because he likes the truth, adding — quote — “I am actually a very honest guy.”

Many news outlets have documented several thousand lies and mistruths Trump has told since taking office in January 2017.


U-S President Donald Trump’s comments that he’d accept dirt on a presidential opponent coming from a foreign government are drawing sharp reactions from Democrats running for the White House.

Trump told A-B-C News that he would feel no obligation to call the F-B-I if a foreign power offered info on a Democratic rival.

Former vice president Joe Biden says Trump is “once again” welcoming foreign interference in America’s elections.

Several other Democratic candidates are repeating their call for impeachment hearings.


Japan’s Trade Ministry says the two oil tankers reportedly attacked near the Strait of Hormuz today carried “Japan-related” cargo.

The statement came as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was wrapping up a two-day trip to Iran with a mission to ease tensions between Tehran and Washington.

No one has claimed responsibility or explained how the tankers were attacked.

Meantime, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said this morning Tehran “will in no way repeat” negotiations with the U-S amid tension over its unravelling nuclear deal with world powers.


Weather is wreaking havoc in Europe.

About 20 people have been injured in eastern Germany by gusty winds and thunderstorms.

There are reports eight people were hurt at an outdoor wedding party when a tree branch crashed down in Blankensee.

Another 11 were hurt when a tree fell on a group outside in Berlin.

There are also reports of lightning hitting a worker at Denmark’s Copenhagen airport, and killing five horses in Sweden.

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