Rideau Transit Group has reached a milestone and enter new territory as they begin  12 consecutive days of testing on the o-train this week.

The news broke Saturday that the city and the independent certifier agreed RTG met all the conditions associated with substantial completion.

It’s a major achievement and it comes with a payout of 59 million dollars as Rideau Transit Group moves to the next stage of getting the confederation line ready for the city.

RTG still has to go through rigorous testing as it has to complete 12 consecutive days of mimicking regular service on the O-train.

RTG is on track to meeting its promised handover date of August 16th, but it’s possible the system could be given to the city August 9th.


A group opposing the proposed addition to the Chateau Laurier is filing a lawsuit against the city.

Heritage Ottawa confirmed the pending litigation to the citizen.

The suit targets the city, which approved the addition to the historic building.

The paper says letters have also been written to the provincial minister outlining the possible action.

A fundrasing effort will also be launched to support the legal challenge.

Since the Chateau was declared a national historic site in the 80’s federal departments and the NCC are being contacted as well.


The Canada Border Services Agency primary inspection kiosks are said to be back up and running.

A nationwide outage caused hours-long delays for international passengers clearing customs at airports including Ottawa, also in Toronto Pearson, Vancouver, and Calgary.

Airport staff were working to help travellers fill out customs forms manually, as well as keep people hydrated.

The problem was blamed on an unspecified technical issue.


U-S presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was in Windsor yesterday, touting Canada’s health-care policy.

The Vermont senator was there with a group of Americans with Type 1 diabetes, who made the trek to buy insulin that’s roughly 10 times cheaper than it is south of the border.

Sanders says it’s embarrassing that Americans would have to go to another country for affordable pharmaceuticals.

He says his country should learn from Canada’s system — including the rules that regulate how much medications cost.


The manhunt continues for two young men wanted in connection with roadside slayings of three people in northern B-C.

Police have shifted some of their focus to the northern Manitoba community of York Landing after an Indigenous-led neighbourhood watch group reported seeing two suspicious men in the area.

James Favel of the Bear Clan Patrol told The Canadian Press the “two guys definitely stood out,” and fled as soon as they were spotted.

investigators are using helicopters, a plane, heavily armed officers and police canine units to scour the wilderness for 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky (shmuh-GEHL’-skee) and 19-year-old Kam McLeod.

The fugitives are both residents of Port Alberni, B-C.


The U-S House of Representatives begins its summer break today, leaving the ratification of the new North American trade deal hanging in the breeze.

Trade experts in Canada and the U-S are divided over whether U-S President Donald Trump may be driven to invoke the six-month notice period to withdraw from the current North American Free Trade Agreement — as he has repeatedly threatened to do.

Mexico is the only country to give full legal approval to the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or U-S-M-C-A.

Canada has been on stand-by, waiting to see what the U-S does.


U-S President Donald Trump is seeking to deflect a growing backlash over recent tweets that many have denounced as racist by calling a leading black congressman a racist himself.

Over the weekend, Trump targeted Representative Elijah Cummings and his Baltimore district.

He described the majority-black district as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” where “no human being would want to live.”

Trump is now claiming that his tweet wasn’t racist — and that it’s actually Cummings who’s a racist — adding that Cummings should be doing more to help the people of his district.


Police say four people — including the gunman — are dead following a shooting rampage in the northern California city of Gilroy.

It happened yesterday afternoon at Gilroy’s annual garlic festival.

Police say 12 people were also wounded after at least one, and possibly two suspects, cut through a fence to avoid tight security to get into the festival.

They say a man armed with a rifle was shot and killed by police minutes after he open fire on the festival crowd.

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