Two OPP police officers sustained minor injuries, after an interaction with a suspect.

The OPP say 20 year old Joshua Tucker-Lauzon was involved in an interaction with Quebec police over the weekend.

The suspect vehicle was located on Saturday morning, just after 4 o’clock in South Glengarry.

Police say the suspect attempted to flee, causing damage to two OPP vehicles and assaulted two officers.

All three were taken to hospital for minor injuries.

Joshua Tucker-Lauzon from Niagara Falls is facing 16 charges including assault with a weapon and operating a motor vehicle while impaired

He’s being held in police custody until his bail hearing.


One person has serious injuries after the Quyon ferry collided with a pontoon boat yesterday afternoon.

Ottawa fire services responded to the scene just after 5 o’clock.

Two adults, a child and a dog had to be rescued from the pontoon boat.

The other adult was taken to hospital minor injuries.

No one on the ferry sustained any injuries.


A long weekend bombshell from Ottawa city hall on the light rail phase 2 report is still garnering comments and sparking debate on social media.

The report – confirmed what many at city hall already suspected –


SNC Lavalin didn’t meet the technical requirement set out by the city… Coming in at 67 percent… When the city asked for 70 per cent.


Councillor Scott Moffatt took to Twitter over the long weekend – to defend the city’s choice – saying we got the best deal… Financially.


On March 27th…. Mayor Jim Watson took a swipe at the councillors who questioned the process…. And a lack of transparency in the technical scoring…

No other official statements have been sent out – as many members of council are on vacation – including the mayor.


Families of children with autism are taking part in a day of action to continue to put pressure on the provincial government.

Today, marks six months since minister Lisa MacLeod announced funding changes for Ontario’s autism program.

Parents and friends of children with autism will be rallying at their local PC MPP offices across the province today from 11 until 1.

Organizers say that while steps in the right direction have been made, it will be almost 2 years by the time families see the promise of needs based therapy.

They also say that no action has been taken by the government for those with other types of disabilities.

In Ottawa, parents will be rallying at the office of minister’s Lisa MacLeod, and Merrilee Fullerton…and the office of MPP’s Jeremy Roberts and Goldie Ghamari.


Nearly a dozen shootings across Toronto this weekend have left 14 people injured.

Police say there were 12 separate shootings since Saturday — one of the more recent shootings was at a packed bar yesterday.

The shooting at District 45 nightclub left five people injured, including one man who is in life-threatening condition.

Police Chief Mark Saunders Saunders says the decision to ban guns is up to politicians, but he says any move to remove firearms from Toronto streets is a “good day for the city.”


The R-C-M-P says after a dive team conducted an underwater search “of significant areas of interest” in northern Manitoba’s Nelson River, they will no longer be searching the water for two teenage murder suspects.

A damaged aluminum boat was discovered Friday on the riverbank.

Police have been in the remote community for more than a week, looking for 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky and 19-year-old Kam McLeod, who are wanted in three murders in northern B-C.


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he doesn’t want to let Prime Minister Justin Trudeau push his province out of the country.

Kenney, took to Twitter over the weekend to say the people of his province are frustrated by what he calls an “unfair deal” in the federation.

A former federal Conservative cabinet minister, Kenny was outspoken about opposing Trudeau on issues including the carbon tax and equalization payments during his campaign to become premier.


Detained Canadian Michael Kovrig has met with consular officials in China for the 10th time since he and fellow Canadian Michael Spavor were arrested in December.

No details on the visit have been provided, but Global Affairs Canada says they continue to seek further access.

The detention of the two Canadians is widely viewed as retaliation for the arrest of executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver at the request of the U-S.


Democrats are questioning whether U-S President Donald Trump has the moral authority to rally America against the spasm of violence and racism following the deadly shootings in Texas and Ohio that left more than 30 dead in less than 24 hours.

On Monday, Trump called for bipartisan solutions to the bloodshed, labelling the shootings in El Paso and Dayton as barbaric crimes against all humanity.

He blamed mental illness and video games but made no mention of more limits on the firearms that can be sold.

The mayor of El Paso says Trump will visit the city Wednesday, which has drawn opposition from some local lawmakers.


In what they call an inaugural “People’s Press Conference,” protesters in Hong Kong have condemned what they call the government’s empty rhetoric and instances of alleged police abuse.

Organizers say the briefing is intended to counter the regular government and police news conferences in which authorities have repeatedly decried violent acts by some pro-democracy demonstrators.

The protesters apologized for the inconveniences brought on by a general strike Monday that saw major roads and public transit lines blocked, and the cancellation of at least 77 flights.


China is accusing Washington of damaging the global economy, as it allowed its yuan to fall further Tuesday.

A day after Beijing sent financial markets tumbling by allowing the currency to fall to an 11-year low, the yuan declined to 7.0562 to the U-S dollar before strengthening to 7.0297 in the afternoon.

The decline is fuelling fears about increasing damage from the trade war between the world’s two largest economies.

The Trump administration responded yesterday by officially declaring China improperly manipulates the yuan’s value, opening the way to possible new penalties on top of tariff hikes already imposed on Chinese goods.


More than 16-thousand, 500 people have been forced from their homes following powerful explosions at a military depot in Siberia.

Russian officials say 12 people are injured and one person is missing and feared dead after Monday’s fire at a military ammunition depot near the city of Achinsk in eastern Siberia.

The fire triggered massive explosions that sent plumes of black smoke high into the skies, prompting authorities to suspend air traffic within 30 kilometres of the munitions site.

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