Victim impact statements have been read in the case of a former Scout leader guilty of sex crimes against 11 young boys.

Donald Joseph Sullivan was expressionless, according to the Citizen, as he heard the torment his actions caused.

The victims were boys between the ages of 8 and ten when the assaults took place in  the mid-1970’s

Victim impact statements included a boy who began cutting himself and another who  went to elementary school drunk.

Two of the 11 victims have since died.

Sullivan was a Scout troop leader and the offences occurred during sleepovers at his apartment, camping, in the shower and in his car.

The judge will deliver his sentence at a later date.


A cyclist remains on life support after a crash on Reneud Road in Orleans

A week ago 27 year old Idan Azrad was cycling to work when he was struck.

Following surgery he was declared brain dead.

The family has asked doctors to keep him on life support as they pray for a miracle.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up asking for 50,000 dollars.

The family says the money would be used to move Idan to a facility that will keep him  on life support.

They believe he is in a deep coma and he needs time to recover.


Renfrew OPP is still looking for information regarding the vandalism at the Oaks of Cobden Golf Course.

Significant damage was done to parts of the golf course and multiple golf carts on the night of August 3rd.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to contact police.


The archbishop of Ottawa is speaking out against a ‘Black Mass’ planned for this Saturday.

Terrence Prendergast told the Catholic Register that the black mass is meant to mock a traditional catholic mass.

Prendergast goes on to say that it’s also hateful toward Catholics.

The black mass, hosted by the Satanic Temple in Canada, will take place at 10 p-m at a heavy metal bar in the Byward Market.

The archbishop says he will offer a mass of reparation for the event on the same day


Investigators should be able to unravel some of the mystery surrounding the case of two young B-C men suspected of killing three people in the province’s north — according to a certified criminal profiler.

Former O-P-P profiler Jim Van Allen says behavioural analysis will never have the certainty of fingerprint or ballistic evidence, but can help get some answers.

He says analysts in the case 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky and 19-year-old Kam McLeod will need to comb through crime scene evidence, interviews with friends and family members, as well as any social media presence before the alleged crimes and the pair’s ultimate suicides.


New Brunswick’s Public Prosecution Services says there will be no appeal in last month’s acquittal of Dennis Oland.

Oland was charged with the 2011 bludgeoning death of his multi-millionaire father, Richard, and spent close to a year in prison after being convicted by a jury in 2015.

That verdict was overturned on appeal in 2016, a new trial ordered.

In his July 19th decision, Justice Terrence Morrison said Crown prosecutors failed to prove their case against Oland.


Amid revelations about Jeffrey Epstein’s death, authorities have intensified inquiries into what went wrong at the jail and who could still face charges in his case.

Epstein is believed to have killed himself early Saturday while awaiting trial in a New York sex trafficking case.

Two guards who were charged with watching Epstein have been suspended and the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s warden has been reassigned.

Meanwhile, their are calls for the Justice Department to “rip up” a decades-old plea agreement that protects some of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates from being prosecuted for their alleged role in supplying him with teenage girls.


Protesters in Hong Kong are apologizing to the public after they disrupted flights for two consecutive days at one of the busiest airports in the world.

They also said they were sorry that some demonstrators became “easily agitated and overreacted.”

On two separate occasions at the airport yesterday, protesters surrounded and held captive two men from mainland China whom they believed to be spies.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled after thousands of pro-democracy protesters packed into the main terminal for two straight days.

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