A Canadian and former Afghan hostage who is accused of assaulting his American wife after they returned to Canada says he hit her with a broom because she insisted he do so.

Joshua Boyle told court in Ottawa on Tuesday that it was not uncommon for Caitlan Coleman to request a spanking.

But he testified under cross-examination that he did not strike, choke or bite Coleman in anger while they lived together in Ottawa.

The 36-year-old Boyle has pleaded not guilty to multiple offences, including assault, sexual assault and unlawful confinement, in the late months of 2017 — after they’d been freed from five years of captivity by Taliban-linked extremists.


A Montreal man has been charged in a fatal crash on the 401.

On July 12th a total of seven vehicles were involved in a collision just east of Belleville.

Elizabeth Morgan, of Enterprise, was killed in the crash.

On Sunday the OPP with help from Montreal police arrested 40 year old Gurwinder Ghuman of Montreal.

He has been charged with dangerous driving causing death.


A study from the University of Ottawa suggests there has been a sharp increase in the level of violence teachers face while working in Ontario’s elementary schools.

A team of researchers surveyed more than 1,600 educators last year to gauge the number of times they encountered violence from students, parents or administrators during the 2017-18 school year.

They then compared those results to a survey undertaken by three major unions in 2005, which found that only seven per cent of teachers at the time reported experiencing bullying over the course of their careers.

The researchers found that number had surged nearly seven-fold in the intervening years, with 54 per cent of respondents saying they had experienced physical violence such as punching, kicking or biting _ primarily at the hands of students.

The survey found 72 per cent of participants reported explicit verbal insults or obscene gestures from a student, with 41 per cent saying they’d had similar encounters with a parent.

The report says such incidents included anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim slurs delivered in class, taunts of “build the wall,” and calls for teachers to “go back to your country.”


One day after learning united was pulling it’s Ottawa New Jersey flights next year, comes the addition of Lufthansa flights non-stop Ottawa to Frankfurt.

There is an Air Canada flight right now and no word if that will continue as well.

Ottawa becomes the fourth destination in Canada from the German airline.

Booking begins today on the Ottawa Frankfurt flights which begin in May next year.

Air Canada has also announced it’s upgrading it’s Ottawa London flight.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will take over that route starting next spring.

If you book that Heathrow destination you could pay for a signature cabin which features lie-flat suites on board.

There is also a premium economy cabin choice.


Political parties will officially kick off their federal election campaigns today after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Rideau Hall to ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament.

The visit will launch a 40-day campaign that will see Trudeau make the pitch to Canadians that he and his Liberals should be given a second majority government.

But his opponents will work to convince voters not only that Trudeau shouldn’t get the second mandate, but why they should be elected to govern instead.

A new Leger poll released today suggests the Liberals and Conservatives are running neck-and-neck with decided-voter support at about 35 per cent each.


Voters in one Quebec riding will have the opportunity to vote for two Maxime Berniers at the polls this October.

The satirical ‘Rhinoceros Party’ has announced plans to run a candidate with the same name as ‘People’s Party of Canada’ leader Maxime Bernier in his own riding.

The candidate’s slogan is ‘Take a chance, vote for both!’

The Rhino Party was founded in 2006 and is officially recognized by ‘Elections Canada.’

Its platform includes mandatory vasectomies for men over the age of 16 and reducing the length of winter by making December and January 28-day months.


Brian Pallister and his Progressive Conservatives called a Manitoba election a year earlier than planned, and the gamble paid off.

Yesterday’s vote ended with a second consecutive majority government for the Tories.

The Conservatives won 36 seats with an agenda to continue cutting costs, streamlining health care and reducing taxes.

The New Democrats added six seats to its last election showing for 18.

Leader Wab Kinew said the extra seats and boosted vote share are a message of support and a warning to Pallister that Manitobans want New Democrats to act as Manitoba’s conscience and progressive voice.

The Liberals lost official party status in taking only three seats.


It’s Day Four of Dorian cleanup and recovery in the Maritimes and many power customers are still off the grid.

About 11-thousand homes and businesses are still waiting for power reconnection in P-E-I, 225 in New Brunswick, and 65-thousand in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Power says it has found 37-hundred trees on power lines that stretch across 32-thousand kilometres, and repairs are being made to 300 broken or leaning utility poles.

It adds about 45-hundred of the 62-hundred remaining outages across Nova Scotia represent individual customers, which means one repair will bring electricity back to only one customer.


Americans are commemorating the 9-11 terror attacks with ceremonies and appeals to “never forget.”

Nearly three-thousand people, including two-dozen Canadians, were killed in the four hijacked-plane attacks on New York’s World Trade Centre twin towers, the Pentagon in Washington, and in a Pennsylvania field on September 11th, 2001.

A crowd of victims’ relatives is expected at ground zero today.

U-S President Donald Trump will join an observance at the Pentagon, while Vice President Mike Pence will speak at Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


Republican Dan Bishop has won a special election for an open U-S House seat in North Carolina in a distict that has been G-O-P for nearly six decades.

But Bishop’s narrow victory over Democrat Dan McCready didn’t erase questions about whether President Donald Trump and his party’s congressional candidates face troubling headwinds approaching 2020.

Bishop is a conservative state senator best known for a North Carolina law dictating which public bathrooms transgender people can use.


A Scottish court has ruled this morning that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision Monday night to suspend the U-K Parliament was unlawful, but it did not order the suspension overturned.

Judges said Britain’s Supreme Court must make the final decision.

A group of lawmakers is challenging the government’s decision to prorogue Parliament for five weeks until mid-October — just over two weeks before Britain is due to leave the European Union.

They argue Johnson is trying to evade democratic scrutiny.


Several thousand schools have been closed since yesterday in an Indonesian province to protect children from a thick, noxious haze as deliberately set fires burn through peatland forest.

Indonesia’s Disaster Mitigation Agency said firefighting measures went full force, including aerial water drops, to battle the fires in worst-hit Riau province.

Deliberately set fires in Indonesia’s peatland forests each year spread health-damaging haze across much of Southeast Asia.

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