If no agreement is reached at the bargaining table today with the secondary teachers, the public school board has decided to close all secondary and elementary schools tomorrow.

The Ottawa Carleton district school board says parents should make arrangements today, to ensure their children have supervision in the event no agreement is reached between the province and the various bargaining units.

The board says any final decision won’t likely be made until this evening or early tomorrow morning.

In the Upper Canada school board district,  there will be no school for those in grades 9 through 12, if the walk-out happens.

Regular classes will be held for those in grades kindergarten through 8.


Two investigations are underway after a drugging incident at a staff party celebrating 30 years of the Outaouis Paramedic Service.

The party, Saturday at the Hilton Lac Leamy, brought about 300 people together.

An employee allegedly spiked the drinks with an unknown substance.

One employee is suspended, with pay, while police and a specialized firm hired by the paramedic service investigate.

While police and the paramedics would not say how many people were affected, they do say a number of people were sick.


A teen has been charged with sexual assault against a minor after an incident in Leeds.

OPP officers from the Thousand Islands detachment responded to a call about threats being made by a youth on November 30, just before 10:30 a.m.

A 13-year-old has been charged with…. Uttering threats causing death or bodily harm……sexual assault on a person under 16 years of age.

An investigation into assault continues.


Provincial police say they’re investigating what they describe as a serious assault at a federal prison.

They say it happened on Sunday afternoon at the Joyceville Institution near Kingston.

Police say a 43-year-old inmate was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

They provided no other details and did not say whether they’ve made any arrests.


After Black Friday and Cyber Monday…comes Giving Tuesday…a day dedicated to giving back.

It’s a new movement organized by charities around the world to remind people to give, whether it be time or money, to an organization they care about.

There’s also a social media hashtag to celebrate giving back.

Giving Tuesday is relatively new, this year the movement is celebrating 7 years in Canada.


A report from the organization overseeing Canada’s food banks says more people with jobs are accessing their services.

Feed Ontario says the number of people with full or part-time jobs using food banks has jumped 27 per cent over the past three years.

It also says people over the age of 25 and post-secondary graduates are increasingly represented among the provinces’s minimum wage workers.

Feed Ontario says the numbers suggest precarious working conditions and labour laws make it harder for people with jobs to make ends meet.


Canada’s provincial and territorial leaders have headed home from Monday’s meeting in Mississauga, following a display of unity on a number of issues.

While the group collectively agreed to press Ottawa for a bigger boost to health-care funding, most of the 13 premiers expressed hesitation about a national pharmacare program.

All in all, the first ministers arrived at a consensus on four priority areas of economic competitiveness — the Fiscal Stabilization Program, northern priorities and funding for both health-care and infrastructure.


Hundreds of First Nations chiefs from across Canada are gathering in Ottawa today for a special assembly.

The national meeting, hosted by the Assembly of First Nations, will look to tackle key policy issues and set a political strategy for working with Ottawa.

That includes the Trudeau government’s pledge to implement a bill harmonizing Canada’s laws with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

New Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller is set to speak at the event later today, as are N-D-P Leader Jagmeet Singh and B-C Premier John Horgan.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will set out to strengthen the NATO military alliance today, though all eyes will ultimately be on U-S President Donald Trump.

Trump is to meet with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg first thing this morning, for an exchange that will set the tone for the next two days.

Trump has waffled between public support for the treaty organization and questioning its worth, which has raised concerns about the alliance’s viability as global instability is on the rise.


The American public is expected to get a look at the Democrats’ report on the impeachment inquiry into U-S President Donald Trump today.

Although Trump is in London for NATO meetings, many believe he will certainly have the latest chapter in the impeachment proceeding on his mind.

Before leaving the White House yesterday, he signalled his frustration over the House Democrats holding a hearing while he was attending a very important world leader summit.


North Korea has repeated its assertions the Trump administration is running out of time to salvage nuclear negotiations and says it’s entirely up to the United States to choose what “Christmas gift” it gets from the North.

The statement came as North Korea continues to dial up pressure on Washington and Seoul ahead of leader Kim Jong Un’s end-of-year deadline for the U-S to offer acceptable terms for a deal.


NASA says it has found the debris from India’s crashed moon lander.

The U-S space agency, with the help of an Indian engineer, were able to track down and photograph the doomed lander’s impact site and its debris field.

India’s space agency lost touch with the Vikram lunar lander after it slammed into the moon’s rocky surface in September.

Its mission was to make it to the moon’s south pole and deploy a rover to search for signs of water.


Prince Andrew’s accuser addressed an infamous photograph while detailing her allegations against him in an interview with the B-B-C.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre maintains that the photo was legitimate, dated and has already been handed over to the F-B-I.

In Giuffre’s first U-K television interview she describes how she was trafficked by notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein beginning in 2001 and ordered to have sex with Andrew three times, including once in London.

The 59-year-old Prince has categorically denied the allegations.


Iranian state television is acknowledging security forces shot and killed what it called “rioters” in multiple cities amid the recent gas price protests.

Today’s state T-V report comes as Iran has faced growing international criticism and pressure over the security force crackdown that followed demonstrations that began November 15th.

Amnesty International says it believes that at least 208 people were killed.


A new survey says Afghans believe their war-weary country is moving in the right direction, even if an increasing number of people report they are fearful for their personal safety.

Conducted by the Asia Foundation, the survey found that 36.1 per cent of respondents said the country was trending in a positive direction, while 58.2 per cent felt the opposite.

A total of 74.5 per cent of respondents admit they always, often or sometimes fear for their personal safety, an increase of over three percentage points from 2018.

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