The tent city set up close to Bayview Station in Ottawa will close this morning.

The NCC posting an eviction notice on the weekend advising those temporarily living there, they would have to leave by seven this morning.

The National Capital Commission says because of health and safety concerns those staying at the camp must pack up their belongings and leave.

Overdose Prevention Ottawa weighed in on Twitter

The group is calling on people to protest with them starting at  seven this morning.

The group says the people living in the tent city have nowhere to go because of a lack of affordable housing in Ottawa.

Overdose prevention feels the NCC is  violating international human rights, because, it says,  forced evictions are illegal.


As we head into the school and work week….we take a look at where elementary and high school teachers stand in their feuds with the provincial government.


Today the ontario elementary school teachers will be starting the second phase of their work to rule campaign.


This means no field trips, letters being sent home, no money collection for school based activities, performace evaluations, or post learning goals in the classroom.


For high school teachers they will strike again on wednesday december 11th in certain school boards across the province.


Both ontario’s education minister stephen lecce and union head harvey bischof held news conferences….each side attacked the other for not being reasonable throughout the bargaining process.



A constitutional challenge to the federal government’s refusal to provide clean needles in prisons is set to be heard by an Ontario court this week.

The challenge, filed by former inmate Steven Simons, is backed by a several HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations, who say current rules are arbitrary and disproportionate.

The organizations are expected to argue in court today that the lack of access to sterile syringes violate inmates’ rights to life, liberty and security of the person under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The government has argued that giving clean needles to prisoners would make federal facilities more dangerous because the syringes could be used as weapons.


A newly published report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives finds Canadians who identify as visible minorities do not have the same access to investments and other sources of wealth as non-racialized people.

The study shows eight per cent of racialized Canadians over the age of 15 reported some capital gains in 2015, compared to about 12 per cent of non-racialized people.

There was also a gap in the amounts, with racialized Canadians receiving 29 per cent below the average for white Canadians.


The federal Conservatives say the Liberal government has had plenty of time since October’s federal election to prepare a fiscal update, and they expect to see one before the holidays,

Tory finance critic Pierre Poilievre says he wants to see a plan including tax cuts for entrepreneurs, efforts to get rid of regulatory red tape and a blueprint to phase out the deficit over the next few years.


This week will mark one year since Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were arrested in China.

The two were detained on December 10th in what is widely viewed as retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Chinese high-tech executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver at the request of the U-S.

Kovrig and Spavor have been held in solitary confinement and allowed about one consular visit per month by Canadian diplomats, but they have been denied access to lawyers and all others.

Meng is out on bail and living in a luxury Vancouver home, as her extradition hearing remains before a British Columbia court.


Quebec Premier Francois Legault is beginning a four-day trip to California, to discuss his province’s partnership with the state aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Companies in Quebec and California that emit large amounts of greenhouse gases are required to purchase allowances, with prices set in joint auctions held four times a year.

However, in October the Trump administration sued to block California from working with Quebec on the joint cap-and-trade program, saying it exceeded its authority when it signed the agreement to limit climate-damaging fossil fuel emissions.

Legault has said he’d prefer California remain in the agreement, but that Quebec is prepared to continue alone if need be.


After five weeks in Thailand where he underwent spinal surgery, former Humboldt Broncos player Ryan Straschnitzki says it was nice to feel the cold wind when he and his father landed at the Calgary International Airport.

Straschnitzki was paralysed from the chest down in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in April of 2018.

Doctors implanted an epidural stimulator in Straschnitzki’s spine, and the 20-year-old has since been able to straighten his leg and walk with the use of a wheeled machine.


The U-S House Judiciary Committee convenes today to formally receive the investigative findings against President Donald Trump as the White House mounts an aggressive attack on the impeachment proceedings.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler says he expects the committee to vote soon on charges against Trump that will likely focus on abuse of power regarding Ukraine and obstruction in the congressional inquiry.

Trump claims the hearing is a hoax.


Police say at least five people are dead following the eruption of a volcano on a small New Zealand island.

They also say the number of missing people on the tourist island is in double digits, and that the death toll could rise.

It’s believed about 20 people were injured when White Island erupted Monday, sending a plume of steam and ash about 36-hundred metres into the air.

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