It will be slow going this morning with overnight snowfall making the roads slick.

We do remain under a snowfall warning.

Snow will be heavy at times this morning and will gradually taper off by tonight.

We could see between 15 to 25 cm possible by tonight.

Police remind you to clear your car off completely before heading out and drive for the road conditions.


Gatineau police have charged a 36-year old man in connection with allegations of assault involving an 8 year old autistic child.

Police received a complaint last month about physical assault of a child and started an investigation

Detectives arrested a suspect this morning.

The accused faces charges of assault, sexual assault, and armed assault.

Gatineau police say they will not be releasing any other details, as the investigation is ongoing.


Terrifying and utterly reckless!

Ottawa councillor Jeff Leiper described a video he has shared from Monday.

The video was shot from outside a business along Scott Street shows a car passing a stopped school bus, on the inside, in a bike lane.

The bus driver has just opened the doors after coming to a stop, but apparently held the children back as he saw a car approaching on the passengers side.

The car doesn’t appear to slow as it passed the bus.

Shortly after, two small children got off.

The video is not clear enough to catch the license plate of the offending car.

You can see that short video at Ottawa matters dot com.


Police had to close northbound lanes on Woodroffe last night just after six after a violent collision.

Two vehicles crashed sending a mini-van into a light standard at Baseline.

Firefighters were called to cut one person from that vehicle.

Paramedics treated a 22 year old man for arm injuries.

Two other people were treated for minor injuries.


Ottawa police looking for an armed robber with a deep voice.

A Centrepointe business was robbed around one, Wednesday afternoon.

The man was wearing a disguise as he pointed a gun at a worker and demanded cash.

He left the store, got into a grey Ford Flex with a white roof, and fled the scene.

The suspect is white with a deep voice, around 5′ 10″ with a medium build

We have a picture up at Ottawa matters dot com.


Ottawa police actively canvassing for witnesses and any information in an investigation into a voyeurism case in Sandy Hill

This, after a second incident in as many days — a report of a man looking into a woman’s window last night

Police have released images — those are up on Ottawa matters dot com

Anyone with information should call Ottawa police or Crimestoppers


Ottawa councillor Allan Hubley sent out a tweet last night on the air quality at rideau station.

It’s believed water pooling there has led to a foul smell.

Hubley says the tests shows no risk to customers or staff.

The results have been forwarded to Ottawa public health, which has no concerns.


Strikes at Ontario elementary schools continue today, though not all boards will be affected this time.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario held a provincewide walkout yesterday for all of its more than 80-thousand members.

Today the union is resuming its rotating, one-day strikes, including at the country’s largest school board in Toronto.

Other boards affected include Algoma, Greater Essex County, Hamilton-Wentworth, Limestone, Moosonee, Moose Factory, Niagara, Waterloo and York Region.


A young woman who launched a chair off a downtown Toronto balcony is expected to appear in court today for a sentencing hearing.

Marcella Zoia, 20, pleaded guilty to mischief causing danger to life in November in an act that was captured on video and went viral on social media.

The chair crashed down 45 storeys near a woman with a child in a stroller, but no one was injured in the incident.

The Crown is seeking a six-month jail sentence while the defence is asking for a suspended sentence with no jail time.


Canadians evacuated from the novel coronavirus outbreak epicentre of Wuhan, China are back in Canada, where they will spend the next 14 days in quarantine.

A flight chartered by the federal government carrying 176 passengers arrived in Vancouver around 9 p-m local time for a refuelling stop, before continuing on to C-F-B Trenton.

An American flight bound for Vancouver left a few hours later, and the approximately 50 Canadians on that plane will be transferred to a flight heading to the Ontario military base.

The federal government has also chartered another flight scheduled to leave Wuhan on February 10th to give remaining Canadians a third chance to get home. (3)


Another 41 people aboard a cruise ship quarantined off the coast of Japan have tested positive for the new coronavirus, including five Canadians.

Princess Cruises says the new cases are in addition to the approximately 20 positive results identified earlier on the Diamond Princess, a number that included two other Canadians.

The cruise line says the quarantine period will end on February 19th, barring any unforeseen issues.

Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne says the Canadian mission in Tokyo has been in touch with the Canadian passengers to offer them consular assistance, and the government will look to the cruise line to repatriate them after the quarantine. (3)


The doctor who tried to warn colleagues about the new coronavirus during the outbreak’s early stages in Wuhan has died after contracting the illness.

Doctor Li Wenliang had posted his concerns in an online chat group in late December.

He was later reportedly forced by police to sign a statement admitting to “illegal behaviour” for allegedly “spreading rumours” about the seriousness of the virus.


As he starts his eight-day trip to Africa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to become the first Canadian prime minister to participate in a session of the African Union.

While in Ethiopia, Trudeau will meet with several African leaders and attend discussions on gender equality and the environment.

He will also make a stop in Senegal, which is one of the most influential African nations in the Francophonie group of countries.


The Great Lakes region is experiencing its wettest period in more than a century, causing high water levels that are flooding homes and businesses, causing roads and sidewalks to crumble and washing away beaches.

Scientists say the levels are likely connected to the warming climate, and are expected to remain high well into 2020.

Less than a decade ago, the Great Lakes had the opposite problem, recording record low water levels.


Donald Trump says his impeachment by the U-S Congress was evil and corrupt, and must never happen to another president.

Speaking for an hour at the White House, Trump portrayed himself as a victim rather than a president accused of corruption.

Trump called his perceived political enemies “scum,” “sleaze bags” and “crooked” people.

Trump’s remarks stand in stark contrast to the apology offered by President Bill Clinton following his own impeachment acquittal in 1999, where he said he was profoundly sorry for what he said and did to trigger the events and the burden they imposed on Congress and the American people.


Crews still battling bush fires in parts of Australia are getting some relief from heavy rains on eastern parts of the country.

The state’s Rural Fire Service commissioner says there are still 42 fires burning in the region — 17 that are out of control — but he’s optimistic the rain will help extinguish some blazes over the coming days.

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