Road trips are a quintessentially Canadian thing! Our country is so enormous, it presents the perfect opportunity to pile in car with the kids and head across province to visit Aunt Mabel in Timmins, or take in the serene beauty of the Cape Breton Highlands. To make a road trip successful, you need snacks, games and of course…music.

Here are the 5 greatest albums to listen to while hitting the road!

AC/DC – Back In Black
Back in Black was made for rocking out on epic road trips! Pro tip: teach your kids how to play air guitar before you hit the road so you can keep both hands on the wheel.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumors
When you just need some classic, familiar songs to get you through a long drive. We promise this album will help you relive great memories and keep you calm while navigating inevitable traffic jams.

Queen – Live at Wembley ‘86
Just a fantastic live album. All of the Queen hits you would expect, with a the built in sounds of 100,000 people packed into Wembley stadium. A masterpiece.

U2 – U218 Singles

Nothing but the hits on this compilation! These 18 tracks will remind you why U2 is one of the biggest selling and most beloved bands on the planet.

Chuck Berry -Anything by him.
The undisputed King of Rock’n’roll. Everything this man put out there was gold. There is nothing like heading down an open road blasting ‘Maybelline’ or ‘Johnny B. Good’ on a hot summer day, window down and breeze in your hair. Do yourself a favour and get this man’s entire discography.

Hopefully this list has inspired you!  Look at your calendar, plan a weekend away somewhere, and pack up the car with the kids. This country is full of wide open spaces, and hidden little gems – so get going!