The Jackaholics Club

1. Participation
To participate in the JACKAHOLICS CLUB visit https://www.jack923.com and sign up as a JACKAHOLICS CLUB member. Limit one user account per person. Once signed up as a JACKAHOLICS CLUB member you can earn JACK Points by visiting the 92.3 JACK FM website, logging into the JACKAHOLICS CLUB and doing any of the following:
1.1. Community of the Day: Listen to 92.3 JACK FM for announcements throughout the day at various times. Artists will change daily, Monday through Friday. Members must enter the name of the Community of the Day before 11:59 pm the same day it is announced.
1.2. Play other games. At various times during the day, other JACKAHOLICS CLUB “Secret Words” or names may be announced or posted on the site. These must also be entered on line before a designated time that will be posted on the site or announced on-air.
1.3 Listen to 92.3 JACK FM and log on to https://www.jack923.com for dates and locations of JACK Secret Word Events where members can pick up JACKAHOLICS CLUB Secret Words.
1.4. JACKAHOLICS CLUB Points may also be earned in a variety of other ways, at the discretion of 92.3 JACK FM. Members can tune into 92.3 JACK FM for details on additional ways to accumulate JACK Points, or log onto the JACKAHOLICS CLUB at https://www.jack923.com. 92.3 JACK FM reserves the right to alter the ways of earning JACK Points at its discretion.
To become and remain a registered JACKAHOLICS CLUB member, you must have Internet access and a valid email account. 92.3 JACK FM is not responsible for a member’s inability to: connect to the internet, log into the JACKAHOLICS CLUB website, gain access to their JACKAHOLICS CLUB account or participate in any activity associated with this program, service outages or delays, computer difficulties or other technological glitches. JACKAHOLICS CLUB membership is free and no purchase is necessary.

2. Eligibility
Those specifically not eligible are full or part-time employees of 92.3 JACK FM or Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. (including former employees and their next of kin), other Ottawa or Ottawa Valley radio station employees and their immediate families, M2O Media, and sponsors featured in the Program.
2.1 Participation is expressly limited to one account per person. JACK Points are non-transferable and may not be earned in advance. All duplicate accounts or suspected duplicate accounts are subject to cancellation without notification by 92.3 JACK FM.
2.2 Email addresses may not be shared between players; therefore, each account needs to have a unique, valid email address associated with it.
2.3 Accounts which have an excessive number of rejected emails may be automatically locked, preventing the player from accessing the JACKAHOLICS CLUB until they contact the JACKAHOLICS CLUB Tech Support and provide an alternate email address. Repeated problems with email delivery to a player may result in permanent suspension of the member’s account. Members are not authorized to access any other member’s account, including entering codes or the JACKAHOLICS CLUB JACK Points for prizes or awards, even if the other member is a family member. Members need to enter codes and play the various JACKAHOLICS CLUB games and surveys themselves to legally accumulate JACK Points.
2.4 No machines, scripts or automated services may be used to access any part of the JACKAHOLICS CLUB website, accumulate any JACK Points, bid on prizes and awards, or in any other way participate in this program. Over usage of the JACKAHOLICS CLUB system resources is not permitted, and are grounds for account suspension or termination at the sole discretion of 92.3 JACK FM.
2.5 92.3 JACK FM is NOT responsible for members missing out on JACK Points due to, but not limited to, the following: forgotten username and/or password; problems, updates or maintenance which affects the JACKAHOLICS CLUB at a particular time; internet, browser, server, or computer problems in general; lost codes or coupons; forgotten, incorrectly entered or misspelled codes, etc.
2.6 Any JACK Points redemption suspected to be an inauthentic copy, or which is made in such a fashion as to not deduct the appropriate JACK Points amounts, may be disqualified (not accepted), at the sole discretion of 92.3 JACK FM
2.7. The authorized account holder or member is defined as the natural person who is assigned to the email address by an internet access provider, online service provider, or other organization that is responsible by assigning email addresses or the domain associated with the submitted email address.
2.8. 92.3 JACK FM reserves the right to disqualify any member from receiving a cash or prize award where 92.3 JACK FM, at its sole discretion, determines that the member has violated any of these rules, made any misrepresentation in connection with this program, or used any unintended/unannounced means to accumulate or redeem JACKAHOLICS CLUB JACK Points.
2.9 Sharing of Community of the Day, Secret Words, or other JACKAHOLICS CLUB JACK Points earning among members is expressly prohibited. Violations will result in the termination of all violating account(s) and/or forfeiture of all accumulated JACK Points.
2.10 92.3 JACK FM reserves the right to use any listener feedback in any way they choose.
3. Prize Awards
Each item on the Jack Store or Jackpots pages will be assigned a JACK Point value. Members may redeem accumulated JACKAHOLICS CLUB JACK Points for free prizes and awards.
3.1 All prizes must be picked up at our offices at 6A Beckwith Street, Smiths Falls, unless otherwise specified upon JACK Point redemption. Please allow two business days for your prize to be processed before picking up your item. We are open Monday – Friday from 10:00am – 12:00pm, and closed on all holidays.
3.2 Photo ID must be presented and must reflect the information used to activate your Loyalty Membership account (name, address and postal code). The member who used their points must pick up their own prize. No other person will be able to pick-up a prize on your behalf. Prizes must be picked-up within 30 days of purchase – unless otherwise specified. Prizes not picked up within 30 days from the date of purchase will be forfeited and points will not be refunded.
3.3 Prize winners are responsible for any and all expenses associated with their travel to and from 92.3 JACK FM offices or other any location(s) associated with claiming a prize or award.
3.4 JACKAHOLICS CLUB JACK Points will not be credited or refunded for any reward, item or certificate which a Member claims but does not subsequently use.
3.5 Member agrees to provide only true and accurate information to the JACKAHOLICS CLUB at all times. In conjunction with claiming any item associated with the JACKAHOLICS CLUB or spending any JACK Points for items, Member agrees to verify that all information in their the JACKAHOLICS CLUB account profile is up-to-date and accurate by providing a valid driver’s license or government issued photo ID that substantially matches the information in their profile.
the JACKAHOLICS CLUB Award items are not transferable. Awards may not be substituted for cash or any other items or merchandise.
3.6 All Award claims are subject to verification by 92.3 JACK FM management. All decisions made by 92.3 JACK FM management are final.
3.7 Prizes and awards will be awarded and distributed at the discretion of 92.3 JACK FM.
4. How to Redeem JACK Points / Entries to Receive Prizes
A validated JACKAHOLICS CLUB Member redeems JACKAHOLICS CLUB JACK Points by clicking on the “Submit” button for Jack Store or for Jackpot entries on the JACKAHOLICS CLUB website. In the event that another member is already in the process of redeeming that particular prize/item, the member who “first” clicked on “Submit” will receive the item/prize.
In order to receive a prize or reward, winning members must contact the JACKAHOLICS CLUB in accordance with instructions provided as part of this program, or provided online in connection with a specific offering, AND comply with the instructions provided by 92.3 JACK FM personnel for verification and deduction of JACK Points balances.
Failure to comply with the instructions may result in disqualification, at the sole discretion of 92.3 JACK FM. Any member that has a “winning” bid, and then fails to demonstrate they have the needed JACK Points in their account following an audit, will not be entitled to receive the award or prize and, at the discretion of 92.3 JACK FM, will have their JACK Points balance forfeited.
Member JACK Point totals are subject to adjustment, and member accounts are subject to suspension or cancellation, by 92.3 JACK FM for any activity which is in violation of any rules, or which is not in compliance with the intent of the program. 92.3 JACK FM shall be the sole determiner in cases of suspected abuse or violation of JACKAHOLICS CLUB rules, and any decision it makes relating to adjustment of JACK Points or termination of membership shall be final and binding. Members will be notified of any such adjustments through a posting in the history log (viewable in the Transactions section of My Account in the JACKAHOLICS CLUB) or through an email sent to the email address in the member’s account profile. Should the member disagree with any JACK Points adjustment or account suspension, the decision of 92.3 JACK FM is final and the remedy may involve Member withdrawal from the program.
92.3 JACK FM makes no representations whatsoever regarding the value, if any, of JACK Points earned as a result of participation. 92.3 JACK FM is under no obligation to provide members with any particular number of JACK Points earning opportunities or rewards.
5. Conditions
5.1 Members may be required to sign a liability release prior to acceptance of an item. Pursuant to the liability release, Member will agree to hold M2O Media, 92.3 JACK FM, affiliated companies and the officers, shareholders, directors, employees, agents and representatives of each of them harmless against any and all claims or liability arising directly or indirectly from the prize or participation in the JACKAHOLICS CLUB.
5.2 92.3 JACK FM, in it’s sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process, the operation of 92.3 JACK FM websites, or who is otherwise in violation of the rules. It further reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the JACKAHOLICS CLUB if it is not capable of completion as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical failures of any sort.
5.3 92.3 JACK FM reserves the right to make changes in the rules of the JACKAHOLICS CLUB. Notice of any revisions will be posted to this page, so please revisit this page from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any changes to it. You are responsible for reviewing this Policy periodically, and your continued use of the JACKAHOLICS CLUB website(s) following any modifications to the rules will be conclusively deemed acceptance of any changes.
5.4 92.3 JACKK FM reserves the right to substitute an item of equivalent or greater value should an original item awarded to or purchased by a player become unavailable. JACK Point values associated with any award can be changed or modified at any time. All Awards offered will show quantity available and will be redeemed on a first-come, first-served basis. 92.3 JACK FM reserves the right to limit the quantity a member can buy of any specific Award.
5.5 The JACKAHOLICS CLUB reserves the right to disqualify any member from receiving a cash or prize award, where 92.3 JACK FM, at its sole discretion, determines that the player has misrepresented or used unintended / unannounced means to accumulate JACK Points or purchase prizes.
5.6 Members may be asked to supply personal information. This information will not be sold to outsiders, but the aggregate information (without identifying players as individuals) will be used for marketing purposes by 92.3 JACK FM and its affiliates in accordance with the Privacy Policy available at www.rogers.com.
5.7 92.3 JACK FM reserves the right to discontinue, suspend or modify this Program at any time, including the termination of all opportunities to use or otherwise redeem accumulated JACKAHOLICS CLUB JACK Points. From time to time 92.3 JACK FM may decrease or zero out JACK Points in all the JACKAHOLICS CLUB accounts. At those times all accounts will either start at zero JACK Points or be decreased by an amount or percentage to be determined by 92.3 JACK FM and all unused JACK Points will no longer be valid. Members will be notified if and when JACK Point deduction will take place.
5.8 No purchase is necessary. the JACKAHOLICS CLUB is void where prohibited.
5.9 Failure to comply with the JACKAHOLICS CLUB rules may result in a player’s disqualification at the sole discretion of 92.3 JACK FM.
5.10 A written copy of the JACKAHOLICS CLUB rules is available during regular business hours at 92.3 JACK FM offices or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: the JACKAHOLICS CLUB, 2001 Thurston Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 6C9.