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It all started long ago in a galaxy far far away. Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador to be specific. Kicking and screaming my way into the world (it hasn’t stopped yet) I arrived on an American Airbase. That covers most of my international travels. The family moved to Ottawa in the mid sixties. Like all good Newfies Dad was trying to find Toronto but we got a little turned around and ended up in the nations capitol. More kicking and screaming on through the teenage years.


After graduating from high school (barely) I decided to head out into that big bad world. (More kicking and screaming) I’m proud to say that I’ve been in every province and territory in Canada, well I had been until they went and added Nunavut and I’ve washed dishes further north than most people have fished. With frostbite and dishpan hands I headed back to Mom and Dads in Ottawa (More kicking and screaming, this time from them for a change) Eventually they convinced me that my talents were being wasted and I should head off to college; preferably in another town.


So it was off to North Bay and Candore College for my higher education in Radio & TV Broadcasting. Once it was decided that I had a face for radio it was off to radio stints in Espanola and Elliot Lake before heading almost back home to Mom and Dad (who had moved to somewhere in B.C. I believe) to Sensational Smiths Falls some 20 years ago. Over the years I’ve really enjoyed broadcasting to the fine folks in the area and I’ve almost become a responsible citizen. I’ve got a house (that usually has at least a dozen projects NEARING completion), a lovely wife (who puts up with my kicking and screaming) and three sweet little cohorts in kicking and screaming Squirt, The Big Guy and The Little guy.